We have an eye for detail

Material selection from suppliers, according to project and/or customer specifications. Organising and supervising works, at every step of the project, through consistent on-site presence and a firm project schedule.

Documenting every step of the project through photographs. Continuous updates of the owner on the project’s progress.

Preparation of any agreements with relevant work crews or contractors. Written and verbal briefing of the work crews on the required safety measures.

Briefing on the safety measures and monitoring of their implementation.

Services we offer

  1. Project site organisation
  2. Market research for suppliers / subcontractors
  3. Agreements with suppliers / subcontractors
  4. Works coordination and monitoring
  5. Preparation of the bill of quantities table
  6. Ordering of materials

Why choose us

– Lower costs compared to a construction firm
– Single-person supervision
– Better prices for materials and services

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